Reliable and Trusted Handbags for Different Occasions

I love handbags, but I’m not like most women who go for expensive designer labels. I’d rather have functionality. When I buy a bag I want to make sure it will stand up to my lifestyle for years. Since I’m not a huge collector of bags, I’m willing to spend the money to buy a somewhat expensive bag, as long as it has superb quality. I have a personal list of qualifications that make a handbag perfect for me, and I try to stick with brands that meet those qualifications.

Milktee is a local brand that has lived up to my personal qualifications. This online shop is known for their minimalist, comfortable and versatile apparel. However, their shop does not just offer blouses and tees, they also have a large selection of fully functional bags.

Milktee handbags are minimalist in design, which is in keeping with their brand image. The handbags come in neutral and solid colors. There are many blacks and greys in their collection. These handbags are not for women who want flashy, bold colors and designs. Luckily, I’m a big fan of simple and versatile styles, which makes these bags perfect for me. I find that simpler bags are easier to match with my outfits. Despite being minimalist in design, these bags have a stylish appeal. Although they are lacking in color, they do have an edgy design to them. These are bags that will be appreciated by anyone who wants to strut street style most of the time.

The first Milktee handbag was a classic cross-body bag, in black. I was able to purchase it for MYR 79 and I’ve had it for almost a year. It still looks good. This bad is faux leather and is extremely comfortable to wear. The padded straps ensure the bags ergonomic use. There are some bags that are extremely pretty but are difficult to wear and can cause a pain in your shoulders after a full day of use. This is often caused by the hard, inflexible material some bags are made from. This bag is a joy to use and can fit a lot of my stuff, which makes it useful for the office or running errands.

Since I as pleased with my first purchase, I immediately bought a second handbag from Milktee. This bag was part of the clasp bag collection. This is a slight deviation from their normal designs and leads more towards the classy and feminine side. I use this red handbag for formal occasions. It’s elegant, without looking flashy. This bag is also available in nude, white, and black, but I though the red bag added the perfect pop of color to my outfit. Although I bought it as a party or formal bag, it is still very functional. There are a sufficient amount of compartments and pockets which can accommodate the essentials for a night out.

When you patronize an online brand, you want to make sure it’s reliable. In a physical store, you can feel the product. With an online purchase, you have to rely on the store’s description. Milktee is a brand that has stayed true to their online descriptions. You can trust that when you get the item you purchased it will look and feel exactly as described on the website. While you look for a new bag, you might also like to check out their selection of blouses, tees, and cover-ups and visit their Facebook Page.

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